PRICE: 10€

Kannu Kõrts loyalty card bonuses:

  • * On your birthday or within seven days (before and after) Free admission to you and 9 of your best friends until 12:00 (except special events that are planned to marked with *)
  • * Discounted admission
  • * 10% discount on the Bar menu
  • * Order in advance before the party starts and get 15% discount on menu
  • * A newsletter filled with events and special offers from Kannu Kõrts

Membership card costs 10 EUR. The card is valid for 1 year. Renewals will cost 3.50 EUR.

The card will be available from Kannu Kõrts ticket office on opening hours. It will take effect Immediately.

Membership cards are issued from the age of 18, and the applier must have a valid driver’s license, ID card or passport at hand.

All bonuses are valid only to the cardholder!

NB! Customer card can be applied only on Kannu Kõrts opening hours until 00:00(midnight)

For more information, please call +372569 46900 or send an e-mail address info@kannu.ee

Kannu Kõrts

Kadaka tee 183
Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 5694 6900

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