Price: 50€

Book a table in Kannu Kõrts.

The booking fee 50€ is Your drink credit for the night in the amount of which You may order drinks from The bar according to our drinks menu. In case the sum spent on drinks is smaller than the prepaid booking fee, Kannu Kõrts does not compensate the difference between the sums. Reservation fee is not charged separately.

Table to sit comfortably accommodate 4-8 people. Please note that reservations will be held until 10:00.

NB! The Booking fee will not be refunded!

*Prices may vary on special occasions

Contact form:

For more information, please call +372569 46900 or send an e-mail address

Kannu Kõrts

Kadaka tee 183
Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 5694 6900

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